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Work-in-Progress Wednesday: StoryStorm and Idea Slush Pile

StoryStorm Challenge – 31 days, 1 book idea a day.

So how’d it go? I averaged about 3-4 ideas per day. 16 ideas max. 115 ideas total. Some days I had just 1 idea. My process was basically this:

  • keep a running list per day on a note app.
  • Bold ideas that I felt were interesting.
  • Build upon ideas.
  • If possible, include a possible conflict.
  • If some were really interesting, sketch those characters.
  • Don’t censor.
  • Don’t judge.

Was it worth it? Yes.

By the end, my brain felt attuned to think, “Oh that might make a good idea or maybe this is zany, but I’ll jot it down anyway.”

And as a writer, that’s a muscle worth building. Ideas are part of the work of creating stories.

Besides, you’ll never know what idea gold is inside you if you aren’t actively trying to imagine the possibilities .


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