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Geek Stuff: Webcomic

After some art fundamentals practice (pages of lines, circles, ovals, spirals), I landed on this webcomic bit.

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Book Review: The Worst Book in the Whole Entire World by Joey Acker

Today’s book review post is on Joey Acker’s book, The Worst Book in the Whole Entire World (2019).


We are reading about a character named Nameless, possibly a rock, who is in the worst book in the entire universe. He spends the whole story giving us reason after reason not to turn the page. In the end, even he learns to find a small great thing in an otherwise terribly funny book.

Why Read It

Why kids might like it: It is so funny and full of surprises. Nameless is an iconically modern character who talks to to the reader. My kid loved this book.

Why parents might like it: I thought it was hilarious even before I read it to my son. My son got so excited when I read it to him, that alone is a ringing endorsement. It is one of those books that bring joy and laughter and that’s a perfect reason to read it aloud.

Why It’s A Mentor Text

This is fantastic meta-fiction about a character who knows he’s in a book and is paced that way. Nameless is a character who has a very strong first person voice in the story.

The illustrations are simple, but full of big humor and big emotions.

The details like the copyright text and back copy are a great indication of what the story is like on the inside. If I had to guess, the story’s pitch was probably written the same way.